Museum of Death

Andrew smoked his cigar while I drank my frozen Irish coffee, at that point in time we didn’t have a worry in the world!

We stumbled upon this little museum one night during Mardi Gras, and yes, stumbled is absolutely the right word. Big, bright letters across the windows read “MUSEUM OF DEATH” If that doesn’t catch a fella’s eye, I don’t know what would!

We peeked through darkened windows, trying to see through their sheer curtains and all we could really see were posters. Too dark to make out, but still light enough to make you wonder. We both decided that on our next day off together, we would venture back down to the corner of death (Dauphine) and Bienville.

Well boys and girls, we made it there! Unfortunately you weren’t allowed to take pictures. So you’ll just have to take our word for it ūüôā The museum was great! It was filled with facts about the worlds “greatest” serial killers, their prison artwork, photos.. Lots and LOTS of photos, embalming tables, surgeon tools, anything and everything about death and killers you could imagine.

Please do not take your children there unless authorized by an adult and you have their eyes covered the entire time.

It was morbid, but if you’re into this kind of thing, it is a must see. I don’t know what I was thinking that day, but I decided to wear sunglasses instead of my everyday glasses… KNOWING full well that we were going to a museum. I don’t have contacts, I’m either too lazy to make an eye appointment or I don’t want the hassle of taking them in and out with poking my eyes, I haven’t decided which one yet. They also had a “Theater of Death” which was super creepy. They had real news videos and footage of trauma and, you guessed it, death. The videos they had just kept playing on a loop with happy-go-lucky music in the background.


There is a main location in Hollywood, so if you’re around either parks, go take a walk through death!

Only $15 per person and you can stay as long as you want. Click here to see website!


Did Someone Say Happy Hour?!

It’s ALWAYS 5 o’clock in New Orleans!

I remember¬†when¬†I first moved here and my eyes caught sight of¬†a bar sign¬†reading¬†¬†“happy hour 10pm – 2am”¬†I was speechless! Coming from a small town,¬†I automatically¬† assumed ALL happy hours were 5pm-7pm (or something like that) The bar¬†I worked in back home didn’t even have one!

SO, here’s the deal. Everyone loves happy hours, right? Below, we have compiled a small list of some of our favorites.

BE WARNED, some of these places have food while others do not.

**click names to see restaurant menus, not all apply**

La Casita – Julia St – This place is one of my faves! Daily from 3pm-7pm they have 1/2 off guac, queso, chips and salsa.. YUM! Margaritas? ONLY $4! They also have $2 simple tacos. My husband tried his first happy hour mojito here and fell in love. (Although he doesn’t like to admit it) ūüôā

Samuel’s Blind Pelican – St. Charles Ave – Daily from¬†4pm – 8pm,¬†you can get raw oysters¬†for 25 cents each OR 75 cents can get you charbroiled oysters WITH the purchase of an alcoholic beverage. They now also offer 1/2 price pizza and beer! I’m not a big oyster fan… But I still manage to choke down a few charbroiled ones. Side note, their fried green tomatoes are the bees knees!

Bulldog – Uptown – Wednesdays are pint nights, get a pint of beer and keep the glass! Yep.. keep the glass! They aren’t your basic boring glasses either.¬†They¬†have a variety of sayings, pictures etc.¬†It’s a wonderful¬†little souvenir to keep or hand out! Our cupboards are full of them ūüôā This place has a¬†fun,¬†college age¬†atmosphere. Granted we have only been after the sun goes down.. Thus far, the bartenders are always in good spirits. A couple highlights; they have an adorable back patio (front of bar technically) and a water fountain made of old beer taps. DOG FRIENDLY!¬†Click name to see the rest of their awesome happy hour deals!

Erin Rose – Conti St – Always a good go to! Three words: Frozen. Irish. Coffee. It’s like an adult frappuccino.. SO delicious. My husband LOVES whiskey and they have a great selection! Whenever we are feeling like having a “day drinking day” together, this is always our first stop.

Superior Seafood and Oyster House РSt. Charles Ave Р2 for 1 margaritas! SAY WHAAA?! Who doesnt love a good strong margarita? PLUS the delicious 50 cent raw oysters?? Served daily from 4pm-6:30pm, MMMM

Pizza Dominica –¬†Magazine St – Sun-Thurs, 12pm-9pm and Fri-Sat 12pm-10pm . 1/2 off pizza, wine (by the glass) and draft beer. The¬†margherita pizza is my personal¬†favorite! You can never go wrong with ¬†pairing mozzarella and basil together!

We hope you enjoy! Please share your favorite happy hours and experiences with us, we appreciate the feedback!