Hello, thank you for visiting our page! We are the Sanders. Two of your average Pacific Northwester’s who come from a town of more bars than stoplights, living in the Big Easy. Here you will read about the adventures, drinks and food we come across while we figure out our next plan in life! You might even learn a few tips!


A little about US:

We both grew up in Creswell, Oregon, about 10 minutes away from Eugene(home of the Ducks)! We have known each other since 7th grade and have had the pleasure of watching one another go through puberty and all of those horrible awkward stages that come with it. Andrew and I have always been friends, but there was never really that “love” connection until 2 summers ago!

I moved to New Orleans Dec 2013 and would take my yearly trip home every summer. (if you haven’t been to the Northwest, summer is the best time to visit) It wasn’t until the summer of 2015 we really connected. We had a mutual friend that was going through some life changes and we were both there for her. We were practically inseparable for those 2 weeks. When I went back to my life here, in New Orleans, we would have our facetime dates ALMOST every night. With the facetime dates, care packages, hand written letters, weekend visits.. that all lasted for an ENTIRE YEAR!

We had planned for me to visit during 2016 Memorial Weekend, and of course we have talked about marriage and both made it very clear that we wanted to get married in 5 years. It was our 5 year plan! 5 year plans don’t always work out people!! As we were looking over wedding ideas… flowers… cakes… venues… it all cost soo much!!!! By the way, we all did this via facetime. It wasn’t until 2 weeks prior of my trip, I was sitting at work and just happened to stumble upon “Elopement Ideas” on Pinterest.. I text him “Hey, how would you feel about getting married at the Eugene Courthouse when I come visit?”

LONG STORY SHORT – Andrew proposed May 25, 2016 and we were married May 27, 2016  at the Eugene Courthouse!  We wouldn’t change anything about it! Best day of our lives.

We are now living in New Orleans, with our cute little Jindo-Terrior mixed fur children. We are planning on moving back to Oregon and building our dream tiny house together!