Top 5 Things To Do on a Budget in New Orleans

New Orleans can be a pretty spendy vacation spot. Especially after hotels, transportation, food, etc. Below is a list of some cheaper things and what we like to call “Must Do’s”

Lafayette Cemetery No 1 – 1400 Washington Ave : Everyday is a good day to stroll through a cemetery! This one in particular is our favorite. It was the very first cemetery we went to and will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Still Perkin’ Coffee Shop is located catty corner from the main entrance, its a great place to cool down with an iced beverage on those hot summer days. The coffee shop sits inside of what use to be a skating rink. It’s pretty neat to see! Maybe someday they’ll reopen the skating rink!

Your Own Walking Tour: Its always fun to guide yourself and a bunch of friends/family on your own tour. There are several free printable walking tours to choose from! Grab a go cup, put those sunglasses on and get to your adventuring!

Magazine Street: A very fun street to walk up and down! There are lots of local shops, yummy restaurant’s and it also happens to be on the parade route for Mardi Gras. So, watch your noggin! You will likely be seeing some beads dangling from power lines and in the trees.

French Market – 1008 N Peters St: This is not your typical Saturday Market. It is open 7 days a week, from 10am to 6pm. You can find everything here, from gator-on-a-stick to this years hottest handbags.

Canal Street to Algiers Point Ferry Terminal: Only $2 each way! Jump on the ferry and cross the roaring rapids of the mighty Mississippi river. Great view of the city, day or night.(headline picture was taken from Algiers Side) On the Canal St side of the terminal, you have Harrah’s Casino right across the street. There, you can grab a free drink with play. A great way to pregame if you ask me!

Please share with us your experiences and/or your favorite things to do on a budget!




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