Hidden Treasures 

It’s crazy how you can walk up and down the same street over and over again and notice something different every time.

One Saturday morning, noon still on the horizon, Andrew and I left for an early brunch. After hearty food and several pitchers of mimosas in our tummies we left, full and bubbly. We took the ferry across the mighty Mississippi and decided to continue our day drinking adventure. As we walked along Decatur St. feeling buzzed and happy, we stumbled upon a quaint little antique store. As you walk in, the first thing to hit you are BUGS! A wall full of framed bugs, even bats! I, for one, was not too fond of that last part… We continued to venture down what seemed like all right turns, I noticed these AWESOME tie dye bowls, $40 each. That was our first tell that we probably wouldn’t be leaving with anything. But we didn’t let that bring us down! Wandering around we found a cool old fashion stove, lots of neat glass jars that were dirty… So obviously they’re old, right? When we finally reach the court yard it is EXPLODING with color! (Picture below) Tin roosters?! I was in heaven. I have an unknown obsession for weird looking roosters… My poor husband! Luckily for him, they had tables and tables covered in lego mini figures. So, if you’re ever enjoying a nice walk down Decatur, stop by Secondline Arts And Antiques! Take a minute to admire their selection of trinkets and whatnot. *Click here for ferry schedule*







One thought on “Hidden Treasures 

  1. I love how your discovering great little things. I’m sure there’s a world full of treasures to discover all around you. Can’t wait to come explore with you both!


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